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Two Exhibitions and a Book

Testimonials about Daniella's Exhibitions and the Film


Dear Daniella,  

Karine and I watched the film this morning and were completely delighted not only with the pieces, but the attitude and explanations of the artist. I wish we could have been there! I used 5o sometimes go to a gallery anonymously where my art was being shown, and wander around listening to what other people saw in the work. It was highly instructive and often had an effect on future work as well as showing me other ways of looking. The best way for me to talk about much of your work is to say it is unorthodox, the best compliment I can give it!   I also really like the gallery, and think those walls perfectly suited. I recently wrote a piece for the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain, in which I celebrate the fact that the gaps between the various art media are narrowing, and that traditional views of painting and photography - even three-dimensional work - are being rapidly changed. The work in this film shows that, too.   

Mazal Tov, the work is wonderful, as is the intention behind the work.  

Love from Karine and me Raphael.


Raphael Shevelev, FRPS, Ideas in Photography



Its so YOU!!!

Ingenius, creative, MODEST, humorous, talented, endless imagination, so expressive, variety of mediums,-a “geni” out of a bottle-a vintage bottle of wine-getting better with age!! What more can I say but that I am proud to be your friend and get invited to all these wonderful exhibitions!!! Many more years of EXPRESSIVENESS!!! ... and friendship!!! Your book is PRECIOUS!!!

Esther Hlaevi

Maariv cover

Many thanks to Maariv for the article on the new book

"My life under a tree"

The paintings painted over two years (2018-2020) in acrylic on canvas, reflect formative events in the family history.

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