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My life under a tree

Daniella Wexler’s small book is a unique integration of art and text about loss and the power of loss as leverage to happiness and renewed creativity.

The pictures were painted in acrylic on canvas, over two years (2018-2020). They reflect landmark events in the family’s history. In bold colors they chronicle for us a process of sorrow and joy, tears and laughter. The narrative dances invitingly from page to page, offering a witty, humorous, and mainly loving view of what life has given, without denying for one moment what it has taken away.

Tami Bezaleli, 2020

To purchase the book, please write us here

Your name, email address and cell phone number

The book can be collected by self-collection, the price per book is 75 NIS

The book includes delivery to the house and costs 95 NIS

Possibility to dedicate the book or a gift greeting

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