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Dropped Box - the recycled works accompanied by personal texts .

Wishing Tree
“If only
I could measure the distance
between me
the person I would like to be.
Between things as they are
how I would like them to be.
Between so-called heaven
Perhaps that is

I wrote this in a poem
a long time ago, when I was twenty
Many years have passed and I wonder
If I am finding the answer?




Testimonials about Daniella's book


I thought it was going to be a book of art made of found objects. I didn't realize that it's a book of memories made of pieces of lives gone by, and the thoughts of the creative artist still in her prime.  So beautiful and candid, so intelligent and understanding, so perceptive and clever, so sensitive and introspective, so unwilling to let this most precious history just fade away. This work fits no single category, no specific department, no genre that any museum could decide on. This is a book and an exhibit that could sit comfortably in the space where Anne Frank's unwritten works would have been exhibited, the work Anne might have achieved if she had been allowed to grow up. This is a particularly Jewish work, with allusions to biblical and Talmudic sayings well known to anyone raised in a Jewish home. It is a Holocaust work, referencing events that anyone of a certain age will recognize. Yet this is also a universal human work, alluding to family relationships, in all their love, all their misunderstandings, all their hurts and all their joys.  Don't throw out those little scraps of disconnected memories, the ones you almost forgot. If you save them, one day they could, as they so beautifully do here, form a portrait of a family, of souls who dreamed, lived, worked, loved, cried, helped, and now will always be remembered. And a portrait of the author whose mind is always creating, finding connections, making beauty, and who also will always be remembered.  


Kol HaKavod Daniella!



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